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We're dedicated toFundraising

UCCA was founded some 10 years ago and has run charity events such as coffee mornings, Help the Hero’s, Fashion Show and Todmorden Food Festival to name but a few. All the funds raised are used within the Upper Calder Valley on a basis of discussion from its management committee with bursaries for a few pounds to several thousand pounds.

Our main fund raising events are the Fashion Show in Autumn, designed to highlight fashion retailers in the Upper Calder Valley, held at Todmorden High School using local people as models in a fun filled night of spectacle and showmanship. Over the years thousands of pounds have been raised for UCCA by this event. Our Christmas Ball is a glitzy glamour event, held over the past few years at Todmorden High School where we turn the main hall into a tented fantasy world with great local food being served and live entertainment to make the night complete.

Our goal is toSupport our Community

The UCCA Team went into overdrive after the Boxing Day Floods in 2015 and are pleased its members were part of the team helping those in grave need.

Overt 5 years have seen UCCA raise funds to support over 200 children living below the poverty line in the Valley. Through no fault of their own Christmas would simply not happen. UCCA buys gifts for each child, with the support of Rotary give food parcels and UCCA enlists the help of students from Tod High in wrapping these gifts. Social Services nominate and distribute all the fare—UCCA do not know who receives these, but know this is sadly an increasing number and very well received by all the children affected.

We can help withEvent Planning

We have been nicknamed ‘rent a crowd’. if you want to host an event and need help of any kind give us a call, if we can’t – we may know someone who can, if we don’t own or have access to something—yes we may know someone who can!!! UCCA prides itself in supportive networking for the people of Todmorden and helping Todmorden become a ‘destination’—HELPING TODMORDEN PEOPLE MAKEING TODMORDEN BETTER

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Formed some 10 years ago by the late Margaret Pickles and Shirley Fielder, our aim is to raise funds for causes within the Upper Calder Valley. UCCA has developed into a support group for any other group or cause that needs help either to stage an event or manpower and ideas.

Described as ‘rent a crowd’ our successes range from fashion to coffee mornings to feeding 500 volunteers at the Lamplighter Festival/supporting our Major’s Fundraising to making sure children from difficult backgrounds have a great Christmas. Over the years the people of Todmorden have generously supported us and helped us raise tens of thousands of pounds, all to benefit your local community. We are always on the lookout for new challenges but more importantly for new people prepared to roll their sleeves up and help others be it a one off, even your own event, or joining the team helping others. Please give us a call if this is something of interest to you.

Upper Calder Charity Assist is committed to all the profits being used in the Upper Calder Valley, we therefore welcome helpers at all our events e-mail us for more information

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